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Wow! What a whirlwind it's been the past few weeks. Between holidays and vacation and people traveling out of town, it's been an absolute zoo around here. Though I've been out the past week or so there has been an avalanche of content. I've hemmed and hawed and finally managed to slim my picks down to just five, though there are at least a dozen awesome things worth checking out on DevCentral in the past week or so. So don't be shy, get out there and poke around for yourself. For now, though, here are my top 5 picks for the week: v10.1 - The table Command - The Basics http://devcentral.f5.com/Default.aspx?tabid=63&articleType=ArticleView&articleId=2375 The new table command introduced in 10.1 is so hawesome and powerful it's hard for me to decide where to even begin describing the grandeur that is the table command. I've decided to begin at the beginning, and point y... (more)

DevCentral Top5 08/07/2009

As the extended DevCentral crew continues to crank through the summer months, churning out more and more awesome content, there is lots to see. Whether you're looking for short, easily consumable pieces of media to get you pointed in the right direction or longer posts about the practicality of running your crew or your servers close to the ragged edge, I've got both for you this week. Check out this week's Top5:   pyControl Apps #2 - Deleting BIG-IP Routes http://devcentral.f5.com/Default.aspx?tabid=63&articleType=ArticleView&articleId=2318 In Jason's continuation of the pyContr... (more)

DevCentral Top5 10/16/2009

After some much needed vacation I'm back at the helm this week to deliver your Top5. I'm sure you've managed to find some tasty morsels on DevCentral while I was away, but hopefully I'll be able to help out and point you in the direction of some more DC goodness now that I'm back. The past couple weeks have been busy and I have only 5 slots to fill with my picks, so make sure to keep checking out DevCentral if you're looking for more, but here is this week's Top5:   DevCentral Weekly Roundup Episode 107 - The F5 Guy http://devcentral.f5.com/weblogs/dcpodcast/archive/2009/10/15/d... (more)

What Could You Do With Your Code in 20 Lines or Less?

What could you do with your code in 20 Lines or Less? That's the question I ask (almost) every week for the devcentral community, and every week I go looking to find cool new examples that show just how flexible and powerful iRules can be without getting in over your head. Well we made it to 30 editions of the 20LoL.  Soon we’ll break 100 iRule examples that are under 21 lines of code each.  Pretty neat stuff, if you ask me.  This week is the hoolio show, it seems.  The guy is just a monster in the forums, what can I say?  I sure am glad he’s on our side.  I’ve got three example... (more)

DevCentral Top 5 01/06/2012

The holidays have passed, the new year is upon us and there is much geeky goodness to be thankful for. I am thankful for the forums and the wikis, the tech tips and blogs. I am thankful for the outstanding community that drives it all, and the supporting cast of hundreds within F5 that helps support this DevCentral thing we get to do. I am so thankful, in fact, that I am here to share five of my favorite recent DevCentral additions with you. Hurried over the holidays? Nagged after the new year? Fall behind on your feeds? Never fear, I'm more than happy to give you my Top5 picks f... (more)